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Support for Couples in Recovery

Support for Couples in Recovery

Recovering from "Addiction" works best in the context of connection!


Are you in a relationship where one or both of you is in recovery? I am here to help.

Couples in recovery face some unique issues. Some studies show that having a solid connection (family, friends, spouse) helps increase longevity of sobriety. Often times, when one person quits using substances, others expect everything to fall into place. It's not that easy. Somehow we need to support relationships transitioning from addiction cycles to connection cycles. 

Depending on what stage of recovery you are in, you may be feeling some of the following:

Confusion about what is codependent and what is support/accountability

Isolation from friends and family brought about by shame, fear, or lack of support

Tension around voicing needs and concerns

A need for healing, both individually and as a couple

A need to be seen as a human person, not a disorder or past mistakes

A lack of compassion and/or support for your unique struggle

Lack of direction around how to move forward

All of the above and more affect not just one partner, but usually both. I don’t have all the answers. What I do have is the compassion and the capacity to see you as individuals that desire to heal and become connected to one another despite your past.

Healing is not easy, but it is possible. Please feel free to call and request a free 20 minute phone consultation.

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